Introducing Character City for After Effects

Character City is a creative environment that will help accelerate your character-based motion graphics workflow. Every template is a package of customizable characters, backgrounds, animated icons, transitions and even stories. Every character style matches the style of the other elements. Characters are rigged and animated with easy to use controls that allow you to piece together a great-looking animated story in hours and not weeks.

Flexibility and Customization

The Character City templates are very customizable. If you think buying a template means making a video exactly like what others have, you are not understanding how these templates are built. First of all, each character and element has an internal After Effects controller allowing you to customize colors and pick from multiple preset variations. But also, each template comes with the source Illustrator and Photoshop files that allow you to customize elements while retaining some of the animated capabilities of the tempalte.

after-effect panel flexibility control panel
color picker icon
Rigged female character
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Rigging and Animation

Every character is built from the ground-up and rigged using IK rig by linking each element to a controller. We provide multiple preset animations that we think are most useful, but you can customize those animtions using keyframes and controllers as well as create your own. The set-up is intuitive and easy to learn, so you can easily take the same rig and apply to new characters you create or import. Rig style is consistent across each tempalte, so you will be animating a new video in no time!

Consistent Styling

When you pick a style to work with by selecting a tempalte, you will be taken to a whole world of matching items saving you time to create your own or to study elements of style such as color palettes, matching backgrounds with your character style and even pre-animated fonts, transitions and animations. We did the study for you and packed the elements together so they are easy to find, match and customize.

consistent styling images
cuper character
charactercity character


Additional elements!

hand image
be icon dropbox icon
pinterst icon skype icon
3d character icon search icon
city icon pyramid icon


cloude image arrowplane icon cloude image
animated icons

3d rendered icons

3d eye icon heart icon
coines icon fast delivery sale tag icon cart icon

e-commerce, business and technology icons

bulidings icon

buildings and streets

interior design item

interior design items

Available Versions and Packages

Character City – Explainer Video Toolkit

Character City is an incredible animation factory, a complete explainer video toolkit: Characters and Animated Backgrounds that can be customized from within After Effects using a visual interface. We created a number of dynamic character options, both male and female that can be used to create an animated explainer video with complete ease. Pre-set animations are also included and the project does not require any additional plugins. Customize your own After Effects Templates and use for your design or video projects for some surprising positive results.....

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Character City – Explainer Video Toolkit

We created an easy way to see all the characters and be able to choose the one you want to use and edit. All the source files are vector, so they are scalable and customizable. You can see video tutorials that explain in a detailed way how to use the selection options in the project file.

Each character has the options for hair style, clothing, all in an easy to use familiar After Effects selection options.

compatible with cs6 and above - no plug-ins required - full hd 1920×1080 - easy controlling for characters - clean and organized template - helpful documentation - video tutorial

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Character City Explainer Toolkit


All of our items come with tutorials, but we want to do even more. Every time there is a problem or a question, we make a short video tutorial to explain the issue and note any changes. Beyond that, we also provide After Effects basics and other important tutorials in our School of Character City Series on YouTube.


All of the tempaltes get unlimited support. For life!. If you need any customization, we also take into account that you are a customer and provide as mucha s we can for free. If customization is more than 1 hour of work, we charge a minimum hourly payment.

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If you like the product, you can recommend us to your clients or other companies - we compensate affiliates. We also understand how the motion graphics companies work and want to help that process. Click here to learn about licensing options!