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A Place Where Dashing Animated Characters Live - Characte

A Place Where Dashing Animated Characters Live


YouTube is the biggest example of how people are generating business by utilizing animated videos. It is right time for you to use such animation to deliver your message to the targeted audience. Character City is a revolutionized animation tool that can help small, medium and large businesses to achieve their video marketing benchmarks effectively and efficiently. This easy to use tool is for website owners and marketers to design a character online or offline. Let’s have a look at how Character City can help your business when it comes to promoting your products and services via animated videos, have a look!

Range Of Characters


Character City is the only animation video tool that has in built range of characters, both male & female. By utilizing the characters, tyou can create video for any category including health, sports, corporate, education and many others. The best part is you can customize any character and even their impressions with complete ease by using Adobe AE software. We have developed and published a tutorial video on YouTube so that you can easily get the whole idea of character creation. You can choose from various hair styles, costumes, shoes, glares and hair ribbons, isn’t it exciting!


Customizable Moving Backgrounds

In order to include perfect professional touch to your animated videos, Character City comes with in-built moving backgrounds too. Variety of backgrounds is available such as office, hospital, Airport, Kitchen, beach, desk, bathroom, outdoor and many others. The backgrounds are fully customizable and in vector format so that you can freely use for any video project. Just pick any character and use backgrounds or environments to make your video presentation ready to rock.

  • Fully customizable characters and their expressions
  • Corporate control panel for male & female characters
  • 14 unique and highly effective backgrounds or environments
  • 100 % vector format backgrounds
  • User friendly controlling and usability
  • No plugin required
  • YouTube tutorial to use with complete ease

Have you purchased your Character City Package yet? If you are operating any business or into online marketing activities, it is a must have product for you. Watch Character City tutorial on YouTube now and discover its benefits, features and other elements.


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