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Using a Character for Your Story - CharacterCity

Using a Character for Your Story

What’s your Story?

If you are thinking about a video for your business, you might consider one of the typical stories. We’ve all seen those videos: Meet Bob, meet Katie! It has almost become expected to “meet” someone in an explainer video these days. In fact, we’re starting to hear from video marketers everywhere that story telling is key to effective marketing, especially video marketing.

Story telling with Character City

Most stories are about people and what they do. Sometimes it’s a couple, or maybe some friends. Perhaps a workplace situation or a family. Whatever is the situation showing the most benefit of your product, that’s what you might expect the setting for a marketing video to be.

So let’s say you’ve thought of that situation, placed the friends in the bar and are now thinking about adding characters to your video. How do you decide what your characters should look like? How will they move? At this point you might realize that from conception to execution lies a long road of hard work!

You could use a “live footage” video, but it would be expensive! To find the actors, prepare a location with proper lighting, directing the action and cameras – we all know hollywood budgets. And if that is a concern, you might need a different solution!

The other (affordable and realistic) option is using an animated character. In fact, it’s become a standard of sorts for modern explainer videos.

Due to high efficiency of storytelling in explainer videos, more and more people are turning to animated solutions. While the majority will outsource this work to an animation company, the budget-savvy and smart business owners can easily create their own character-animated videos in just several hours.

How to Easily Animate Characters in After Effects

How to Easily Animate Characters in After Effects

You might think that it’s improbable for that to happen, but many have already made the choice and you can see some examples right hereAnimated Characters “live” in character city, a series of video templates for After Effects designed to make character animation affordable and accessible to any business owner. You can browse some of the character city versions here and learn more about quick customization at affordable prices here.

Character City Explainer Toolkit

Character City Explainer Toolkit

Let’s start now and tell the story of your business to the world!


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