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Improve Your Storytelling With Animated Videos

Improve Your Storytelling Through Animated Videos


Brand storytelling can be ideally done through videos instead of overwhelming text.

Businesses like Dropbox, Crazy Egg, ZenCash etc have gained enormous success via animated videos.

It is time for you to join them in using this effective resource to explain your products & services in front of a qualified audience. According to research, a funny and quirky animated video can increase conversions more than 20 % over text content alone.

Let’s have a look at three easy ways to broadcast your story to your audience with animated videos.

Visual storytelling is always effective

Visual storytelling is what works in 2015. If you’re not already using animated videos, you should start immediately. When you deliver your story in just the right way, it will be remembered for months across the web.

Write a great script that answers the questions your customers are waiting to hear. Include animated characters and a matching background. Your customers will stay glued to the screen until they have learned everything about you and your business.

Explain effectively in less words

In animated video, we recommend that you be concise and don’t overstay your welcome. People have short attention spans and may tune out with longer videos. Keep your video short and make each second count.

Explain the features and benefits at the same time. Use analogies to make complex concepts easy to understand. By providing the right solution, you will get into their heads and achieve your goal.

Present your dominance in the industry with a powerful animated video and relax — let them spread the word for you!

Positioning of call to action

Having a call to action in the end of your animated video is the greatest way to achieve the goals of the video.

A call to action can be anything from downloading a free report to watching another video and sharing to buying the product. Depending upon the business or product, you can integrate anything to keep them engaged.

Call to action elements depend upon where the viewer is watching your video.

If the viewer is watching the video on your website or landing page, you should use a “hard sell” call to action like “Order Now”, Book free consultation”, “get 30% discount” etc.

If the viewer is watching the video on social media or other video publishing websites then it is better to use a “soft sell” call to action like “Share the video”, Subscribe to channel”, “Find out more” etc.


Have a nice looking, professional animated video full of graphics for your next project.

Now that you are familiar with these 3 most important rules of storytelling, it is time to create a superb animated video.

If your animated video budget is tight, try our Character City’s animation tool kit. You can choose animated models, moving backgrounds and customize according to your project requirements. Give your business a WOW factor and improve conversions like never before!


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