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Six Reasons Your Business Needs Animated Videos - Chara

Six Reasons Your Business Needs Animated Videos

Provide Clarity to your business products & services

It can be difficult to convey the nuances of emotion and personality through text. This is not a problem with characters in an animated video.

Your video can communicate your precise message and avoid any confusion. Your audience will have no problem understanding your business and the benefits of choosing you over your competitors.


Generate interest among visitors

There is substantial research that shows that videos generate interest in your audience. According to the C100 Association, over 70% of Internet users watch videos online. Furthermore, over 50% of people will watch at least one video this year.

Video is becoming so prevalent that not using this tool for your marketing efforts would be foolish, if not business suicide. Animated backgrounds and characters make video even more effective. These dynamic elements make sure your message to a targeted audience will be even more impactful.

Let them retain information

Human beings typically only retain about 10% of what they hear, but about 50% of what they see. A well-crafted video will help your audience retain your message for a longer time.

When the user retains your message, they will spend more time thinking about your product and will be more likely to tell others about it. Word of mouth advertising continues to be the primary method for businesses to gain customers and their business.

Easily shareable


You can easily share your animated videos on websites like YouTube, Vimeo etc and thus generate surprisingly positive results. The best part is that you can include your primary keywords in the title or description for better results.

Also, these sites are mobile friendly which means the users can watch and enjoy your videos on the go. It eventually leads to improved bounce rate and conversions.


Viral effect

Animated videos developed by an expert with good understanding of After Effects and other related software programs have the potential to go viral. Many businesses use an emotional element in their animated videos, which helps bring enormous traffic.

In the next three to five years, people will become increasingly dependent on video based content. By taking advantage of this trend early, you’ll be far ahead of your competition.

Rank better


Without useful content, websites with a plethora of pages do not rank well in search engines like Google. A single page with informative and effective animated video that captures a viewer’s attention will do much better with Google’s algorithm.

Animated videos provide information within just a couple of minutes. Text content takes much longer for your audience to digest. The best user experience ranks best in search engines.

Animated video content creates a virtual connection with your customers. People begin to understand who you are when you exhibit your personality through the visual medium. As your audience begins to know who you are, you establish trust and a strong brand identity.


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