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Ways To Handle Animated Video Abandonment - Character

Ways To Handle Animated Video Abandonment


Animated video is an investment worth making to emotionally connect with your audience.

The demand for quality content is at an all time high. At the same time, there is an extensive need to innovate our online marketing techniques.

Audience retention rate is a major component in measuring visitor engagement and a major factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. This makes limiting video abandonment essential to achieving your marketing objectives in the most efficient way.

Following are best methods for curtailing video abandonment just like a PRO!

Tease Them

This doesn’t mean annoy them. Instead, make the video appear to be a surprise gift.

Start the video by saying something like “Later in the video, I will show you an incredible way to explode the search engines with unlimited traffic.” This ignites curiosity in your viewer and keeps them glued until the last second.

Whatever surprise you promise, make sure you follow through. If you give your viewer something of substance, they’ll keep coming back. Otherwise, they’ll never trust you again.

Split long videos into short parts

Experts recommend keeping the length of your video to 60-90 seconds. Any longer, and audience retention grows more difficult.

If your content just can’t fit into a 90-second video, it’s best to split that content into smaller chunks. At the end of each section, use a captivating call to action to encourage them to view the other videos.

As long as your content is interesting, your audience is likely to keep coming back.

Give more emphasis on memory retention

The main goal of video is increasing the time users think about your brand. We achieve this by combining technology and psychology into your marketing efforts.

Every human being has their own preferences and strengths when it comes to learning and memorization. Some prefer visuals, some prefer listening, others prefer learning by touch or feel. Marketers and businesses should use all these elements in their videos to hold their viewers’ attention.

Use Animation

The abandonment rate of animation videos is between 30 to 40%.


Audiences are drawn to the uniqueness, appealing graphics and captivating audible narration. Include a specific character animation relating to your business when you promote your videos. The guiding emotion and interesting scenes keep the audience glued till the end of video.

Make them laugh

According to the American Psychological Society (APS), humor increases participation and interest in an audience.

Humor can act as a wonderful social lubricant and makes your video more likely to go “viral” on social media. If your video can help social interaction, imagine the positive impact it can have on your business.

Get awesome background music

Whether you are developing an animation video or a model, background music always works.

It creates a unique rhythm that is essential from the viewer’s perspective to keep them flowing. Good music can fill the dead spots that may otherwise weaken the whole video.

Consider the target audience before developing background music. Everyone should enjoy the music without being distracted from the message of the video.


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